Websites from single-page landing sites to 100+ pages:

*  Custom Website Design and Development
*  Hosting, Domain (URLs), and Email Administration
*  Mobile Website Optimization
*  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
*  Editorial and Visual Content 
*  Contact, Mail List Subscription, and Reservation Forms
*  e-Commerce Stores / Shopping Carts
*  e-Blasts and e-Banner Ads
*  Social Media Platforms: Google+, Facebook, Twitter,      
    Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, OpenTable,
    Constant Contact, WordPress, and more!
Offering a variety of writing, editing, and design services:

*  Articles
*  Press Releases
*  Résumés
*  Business Cards
*  Brochures
*  Postcards
*  Invitations
*  Signage
*  Billboards
*  Magazine Advertisements
*  Newspaper Advertisements
*  Magazine + Book Publishing
*  Script Writing + Storyboards
*  Custom Products
Websites + Social Media
Printing + Publishing


An integrated marketing and sales strategy moves beyond the realm of simply identifying needs and providing complimentary services and products.  An integrated approach develops value for the customer throughout the sales cycle and a well-implemented plan has built-in mechanisms for assimilating feedback throughout the organization for ongoing guidance.  Expose new markets, develop new customers, increase sales, improve client relations and build brand loyalty.

*  Integrated Marketing + Events
*  Branding + Identity
*  Marketing Campaigns
*  Sales Presentations
*  Media Kits
*  Radio + Television Spots
*  Public Speaking Techniques
*  Speech Writing


*  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms
    (i.e. SalesForce)

*  Newsstand Distribution
*  Opt-in Email
*  Direct Mail Campaigns
*  Business + Consumer Mailing Lists
*  Database Hygiene: National Change of Address (NCOA)
    and DPV-Delivery Point Validation
*  De-duping + Postal Presorting
Database + Distribution
Marketing + Sales



Strategic Communication is the systematic planning of information flow, communication, media development, and image, to satisfy the long-term strategic goals of an organization.

Today, as social media utilities continue to grow at staggering rates, many organizational leaders are finding themselves suddenly faced with new challenges in uncharted territories. At any given time, various conversations may be occurring about your organization – with or without your knowledge – and it is up to organizational leaders to decide how important timely and transparent communication is to their bottom line.

Social media has created a dramatic shift in how people discover, read and share information. Strategic communication and crisis planning are something even the smallest organizations cannot afford to overlook in a virtually connected, globalized community.

Comprehensive Communication Plans:
*  Stakeholder Analysis
*  Messages, Media + Methodology
*  Strategic Communication Goals + Objectives
*  Feedback, Performance + Monitoring Mechanisms
*  Fallback Strategies
*  Surveys, Self-Assessments + Team Assessments
*  Crisis Communication Planning
Small to large-scale functions, private parties and corporate events.  Over eighteen years of hospitality and event planning experience.

*  Award Shows
*  Charity Events + Fundraisers
*  Client Appreciation Events
*  Conferences, Meetings + Seminars
*  Grand Openings
*  Private Dinners + Luncheons
*  Restaurant Openings
*  Social Events
*  VIP Events

Event Planning Services:
*  Venue Selection
*  Catering
*  Lighting + AV
*  Décor
*  Linens + Settings
*  Flowers
*  Photography + Videography
*  Event Website + e-Invites
*  Formal Invitations
*  Ticket Sales, RSVP, Registration + Seating
*  Script Writing + Event Flow
*  Entertainment
*  Favors + Gift Bags
*  Valet
*  Hosts + Sponsors
Strategic Communication
Event Planning


Today, in a world with heightened uncertainty and a business environment constantly in flux, a key determinant to whether organizations will survive, fail or outperform their competition, is effective leadership and an organization's ability to capitalize on intellectual assets – their employees.  Exemplary organizations are teaching organizations that develop and empower leaders at all levels.  Exceptional leaders mobilize others and create environments and a corporate culture where people turn challenging situations into extraordinary successes.
Under a powerful and often invisible control, corporate culture affects the way organizational members think and feel.  Members' performance, adaptability, development and commitment are a reflection of it, and an organization's competitiveness depends on it.  Consider whether your organization promotes behavior consistent with your business needs and member relations. Perhaps an organizational assessment is in order.

Organizational Analysis, Strategic Planning + Leadership Development:

* Cultural Assessments
    -  Core Values
    -  Mission + Vision
    -  Prototypical Cultures
    -  Artifacts, Espoused Beliefs, Basic Underlying Assumptions
    -  Intercultural Dimensions
    -  Cultural Implications

* Situational Assessments
    -  Competitive Analysis
    -  Q-100 Analysis
    -  SWOT Analysis
    -  Confrontation Matrix
    -  Environmental Implications

* GAP Analysis [Current State vs. Envisioned State]
    -  Key Performance Evaluators
    -  Steps for Transformational Change
    -  360° of Leadership

"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world
to live more amply,
with greater vision,
with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.
You are here to enrich the world,
and you impoverish yourself
if you forget the errand." 

- Woodrow Wilson
- Woodrow Wilson
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